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Our mission is to provide traders with the most transparent environment possible for improving and sharing their skills for the benefit of themselves and other traders. We pride ourselves on being a great place for new traders to learn, while at the same time allowing experienced traders to showcase their skills.

Meet Our Team

Kevin Kleinman
Founder, Live Trader

Kevin founded for one reason: he wanted to get better at trading. He felt the best way to do that was to record footage of his trades, and then watch them back on film. The concept of self-improvement through film study gave Kevin the idea to start sharing his trades with other people through Live Trading sessions, thus giving birth to

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Brandon Green
Lead Developer

Brandon combines his education (Master's in MIT) with a passion for trading to build the kick-ass website you see before your very eyes. He brings a laser-sharp focus on usability and the user experience to everything he develops.

Josh aka JMVala
Top Ranked Trader, blogger

Josh has established himself as the best options trader in our chat room. He combines Fibonacci analysis with good ole fashion trend lines to target high probability risk/reward scenarios. You can find his blogs here.

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