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Frequently Asked Questions is a Live Trading platform that allows you to watch our best traders trade in real time. You can watch and listen to them explain trades, ask questions, and chat with other traders.
What makes us different is the level of transparency and access available to the user. Users see every single trade as it is being made. All trades are then uploaded to the site using broker verified statements (this is the real deal, no spreadsheets over here). All Live Trading footage is recorded and uploaded to a video archive for the users review. Users also receive 1-on-1 training with our top traders via telephone or skype. We are here to make sure you develop your trading skills.
Our traders use screen-sharing technology to share their screen with you during market hours. Every trade they make is shared over the screen. Open positions and gains and losses are shown on the screen at all times, so you know exactly what our trader is doing. You can interact with the trader during the screen-share to ask any questions about what our trader is doing.
There is no lag whatsoever, not even by 1 second. Everything you see during Live Trading sessions is happening in real time. You can enter trades at the exact same price as our top traders.
You will generally see at least 20 live trades per week. However, this number can fluctuate based on market conditions.
You will see a mix of stock and option trades. Most trades are day trades but swing trading is also featured. There are long and short trades. Margin is used on some option strategies.
You really only need to watch for 30 minutes. The screen is generally shared every trading day from 9:00 AM EST – 11:30 AM EST and then 3:00 PM EST – 4:00 PM EST. There is usually at least 1 trade in any given 30 minute period. Of course, the more time you can spend watching, the more trades you will see.
Most of the strategies we use only require $200-$600 in principle per trade. Users can put in way more or way less as they see fit. We will never recommend how much money be put into a trade.
We offer a Live Trading subscription ($99.99 per month) or a Chat Room subscription ($8.99 per month).
A Live Trading subscription gets you access to all Live Trading sessions, 90 minutes of 1-on-1 training per month, premium video lessons, our chat room, and all educational webinars.
A chat rom subscription gets you access to our chat room, premium video lessons, and educational webinars.
Yes. We offer a 15-day trial to our Live Trading subscription for $5 and a 15-day trial to our Chat Room subscription for free.
If you are hungry to develop the skills necessary to become a full time trader then you will get a lot out of the Live Trading subscription. If you are more of a passive trader, and aren’t that serious about doing this full time, then our Chat Room subscription is a better fit for you.
You are charged the subscription rate ($99.99 for Live Trading, $8.99 for Chat Room) only after your 15-day trial expires. The date of your charge becomes the date you are charged each month moving forward.

For example: User signs up for a 15-day trial on November 1st. User gets charged full subscription cost on November 15th. User gets charged full subscription cost again on December 15th, and the 15th of each month thereafter unless subscription is cancelled.
We allow 48 hours for you to receive a full refund on your subscription payment. This 48-hour refund period only applies to the first charge after your 15-day trial expires. There are no refunds for payments made after your first month’s billing cycle. To request a refund, fill out this contact form.
Yes. You can cancel from the “My Account” section on the WatchhimTrade home page. Billing stops the second you cancel your subscription. You will lose access to the site upon cancellation.
You can sign up for a Live Trading trial here or a Chat Room trial here.
If you still have more questions feel free to fill out this contact form, or set up a phone call with us.

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